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I’m writing from the team at the Berman Archive at Stanford, an online repository documenting American Jewish communities. With open access to digital artifacts from 1900 to the present, we hold the largest archive of the printed material of communal American Jewish life. 

We’re hoping you can help us in our effort to document Jewish communal responses to this historical moment. 

In response to the recent attacks by Hamas on Israeli civilians, many institutions and organizations have issued statements explaining their perspective. Most of these statements have been circulated on email, which means that they will easily be lost into the inboxes of recipients if they aren’t collected.

We are asking you to send us any emails bearing official statements that you would like to be held as part of the archive of this moment.  Please forward any emails you might have in your inbox to: We’ll take it from there.

We are most interested in statements from:

  • Jewish organizations of all kinds
  • —Public figures
  • —Schools, camps or other educational institutions
  • —Universities
  • —Synagogues
  • —Not-for-profit organizations
  • —Political advocacy groups

If you’re wondering whether we’re interested, send us what you have, and we can sort them out. For now, our hope is to collect these statements referring to the current crisis and hold them for future reference, reflection, analysis, and observation.  We will delete any personal information from emails that will be included in the archive, to preserve your anonymity.

Thank you in advance.

Ari Y Kelman

Jim Joseph Professor of Education and Jewish Studies

Director, Berman Archive

Stanford University


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